Enhancements Librem Laptops by experience

Somewhat problematic after several weeks of usage:

Somewhat necessary:

  • increasing the default (OEM) swap-partition to a decent size that general hibernation & hibernation on emergency shutdown due to low battery are working by default (see: Post, Issue in tracker)
  • solving problem “power drain on suspend empties battery” (see: Thread)

problematic in some cases:

  • mousepad without buttons / repositioning of mouse-pointer on click (as the multi-touch-mousepad is generally great, it creates problems if you need to position the mouse-pointer very accurately + click once to eg. create a marker in a map as the click often repositions the mouse-pointer which draws the touchpad unusable for such accurate-position tasks)

Nice2have after some weeks of usage (written first some weeks before):


  • allow lid/display to have a little wider opening angle (when using the laptop “on the lap” with slightly higher positioned feet the lid opens not wide enough to see the display properly - the optical quality decreases)


  • increase the overall sound-quality to be more voluminous (more middle, more deep bass; not really necessary, but would nicely fit into the overall high-quality picture of the laptop)

That’s really not a lot for a newly bought laptop from a very small manufacturer being in use for several weeks. Really only nice-to-have-wishes so far. Well done, Purism!


updated post … @mladen (perhaps interesting)