"Enter Disk Decryption Passphrase"

Received phone other day. Waited for Awesim to arrive. Today with phone off I charged battery. Placed the Awesim card in. Turned on and after inputting the password and unlocking the screen my phone went straight to the “App Drawer”. The phone didn`t go through the “set up phase”. I tried calling my wife.Nope.
Went into network settings trying to open what needed opened …nothing.To make a very long story short, now after numerous turning off and on,with a charged battery I think,when I turn it on the light initially is green then goes immediately red but comes on to the screen that asks “Enter Disk Decryption Passphase” with a keyboard. What the $%#@ is that and why is it asking it after letting me into the “App Drawer” before??

Sounds weird. Maybe it was not properly shut down and/or reset after QA?
But I think the battery would only last that long if suspended? :thinking:

I got it Caliga. Its the same 123456 as screen lock. So anyhow this morning I turned it on and it updated itself. Now it has the correct date and time,ect.When I open up the weather app,it has my town but there are 7 towns with the same spelling and the temp is wrong. Probably has me in Wisconsin or somewhere.But thats ok Ill mess with that.Problem is now I cant receive or make phone calls. The Awesim card is in but I havent figured out where or what to configure. But Ill keep trying.