EPSON ET-3760 Scanner Issue (No Scanning happening)

Revision: EPSON ET-3760 prints fine, just used the next closest printer driver in the same EcoTank Series.

However, scanner will not work, even with this one. I even used the default scanner application, it says “No Devices Found”.

It may be helpful to update that topic, as to what you did and what is working - in case someone else has an Epson printer and is trying to get it working.

Is the scanner connected via USB or ethernet? I think USB is likely to work better for scanner detection.

Assuming USB, the first thing would be lsusb to see whether the scanner is even showing up as a device. Please post the one line of output (if any) relating to the scanner.

After that, assuming the previous command was OK, use sane-find-scanner to watch SANE scanning for scanners. Again, if you can identify the line of output relating to your scanner, please post here.

PS Expect sane-find-scanner to give permission errors on all the USB devices connected to your system that are not scanners, of which there may be none.

@kieran I will do that printer topic right now!

The printer/scanner is connected via WiFi. Not Ethernet or USB.

Edit: Just finished documenting the “EPSON Printer Driver Issues” thread with my solution.

Any chance of connecting via USB? (Leave printing via WiFi) That might at least get it to the point of working or not working and then you can decide whether USB is viable. (I believe that once you get it working via USB on one computer it is possible to make it remotely available to other computers but I would understand if that is not the way you want to set things up. I have a suspicion that in that arrangement SANE does not offer automatic discovery on the other computers.)

Do you have any documentation regarding the network interface for scanning with this device? From what I’ve seen different network-capable scanners have all sorts of weird and wonderful ways of getting their images to a computer. One low-tech way is that the scanner can be configured to email what you scan but for security reasons you would then want to run a local incoming mail server (even though it may well work to point the scanner at your normal outgoing mail server e.g. your ISP).

I am going to go with the more simple option first, start with a USB cable. I learned my lesson from figuring out how to get the printer to work with PureOS. Thank god I am figuring these things out with a virtual machine first (Mac OSX Host). If I remember the right phrase, this issue could be like figuring out the printer, “Occam’s Razor”.


I just finished checking “” to see if my scanner series “ET” (EPSON EcoTank) is supported. Not one single EPSON ET-Series printer is supported by SANE at this time. I am not buying another all-in-one printer.

I did see EPSON Artisan-835 (my first printer from 2011) Scanner supported in SANE and printer driver available in CUPS, which I traded away years ago for an EPSON Eco-Tank. So I have no idea when EPSON will help the SANE project so they can make compatible a backend and frontend.

Here is the article I referenced:

Edit: I guess I am not going to switch computer brands… I tried two tools “SANE” and “gscan2pdf”, no luck in either case. All installed scanner software reports “No Devices Found”.

Sane does not support printers. Sane supports scanners. And, in fact, Sane supports scanner CHIPSETS. If Sane supports a scanner chipset that comes with your device, that’s fine. But if you want to know it for sure - check it out. Just plug in your device and run Sane.

@rcu If you read my post more closely you would have seen that I clearly stated, with words in the following order “…Scanner supported in SANE and printer driver available in CUPS…”. No where did I state that SANE supports printer drivers…

Revision: I have downloaded the SANE software and I see the “” file in the folder. After I get back from shopping (a few hours), I will comeback and run that executable shell script and see if - as you say - my printers chipsets are supported. (I am hoping it is, not buying another printer).

@Jonathanta: Yes, thank you, I read this. I just named the reason why a printer with a built-in scanner may not be on the list of devices supported by Sane, although Sane may support this scanner.

The best way to install the software is to install packages from the official repository. Otherwise, instead of solving the original problem, you can create several new problems.

If “sane” was the official software package in the PureOS repository, then it is already installed up to the latest package; version: “1.0.14-13+b1”. I know my printer has Air Print capability, so from the documentation I did read, theoretically I should be able to print wirelessly.

Edit: @rcu It would be easier to continue the conversation via private message, instead of back and forth.

Ensure that the scanner is switched on. Turn off your computer and scanner, then double-check that the USB cord connecting them is safe. When your computer is in standby mode (Windows) or sleep mode, the scanner may not work properly (Mac OS X). Try scanning again after restarting Epson Scan.