[EPSON Printers + Scanners | Kubuntu] Printer Installation

You need to stop taking my sentences out of context to fit your perspective. Taking parts of what I say out of their complete context only gives you deliberately narrowed context and meaning.

If you have read the all the paragraphs that surrounded “Give me extremely detailed instructions or I will ignore them” you would have seen the larger context and meaning that would have told you that I am only concept savvy and Not technically savvy; not even a linux novice. You would have also learned that I wanted the instructions to be clear and detailed as possible and - preferably - not to use the command line.

I wanted the instructions to be as easy and non-technical as possible, enough so so that my mother would be able to follow along as she is even less technical than I am.

@Kieran and @2disbetter got the hint I was giving about non-technical instruction as much as possible correct from the get go, and I thank them for that specifically because they read all my posts in context.

As for Virtual Box software, I checked the Oracle company developer chat logs to see why that software wasn’t working in MacOS 11 Big Sur and spend at least an hour reading those logs and found out that the team in charge didn’t keep up with the changes necessary to keep Virtual Box compatible with MacOS and why it was so buggy.

So I kept reviewing the Oracle company chat logs and one community developer recommended VMWare software because it was fully compatible because he got tired of the Virtual Box team not keeping up, even with the Annual OS beta Apple releases to all developers far ahead of the official release date for the new MacOS.

If you have even bothered to do your own due diligence for possible reasons why I am now using VMWare instead of Virtual Box, you would have found this out and understood on your own why I made the switch in the first place. If a software is not properly maintained for compatibility, especially by a company with more than enough money to keep it going, I look for alternatives.

Additionally, if you did give your attention properly you would have learned from my previous posts that I clearly stated getting the printer to work under virtual box was by accident, not on purpose, so I could not reliably reproduce the solution for everyone here. That was several months ago before December last year.

If I had been able to reproduce the solution with the current version of Virtual Box if it was fully compatible without bugs, I would have gladly shared the EPSON printer problem solution here and on the Kubuntu Forums. I believe in the spirit of Linux, and what it can do to ease financial burden on those who can’t pay for mainstream software license costs in addition to hardware costs.

When I am asking for help with this and other similar issues, I would like the instructions to be given in a way that others, 95% to 99% of the mainstream consumer world can follow along and do for an easy setup, because that is what needs to happen if this and other linux operating systems are to go mainstream and I do care deeply about the intent of Todd Weaver is doing, and selling hardware to go with a Linux OS is the best way to do it so most others have something tangible to hold on to; something physically measurable.

There is a reason I do not like it when you and others cherry pick certain sentences out of context to fit your perspective, I have seen too many times where doing so can - and I am overstating nor am I being over dramatic about it - literally hurt someone terribly, like derailing their career.

I am not the bad guy you are making me out to be, I am not perfect, occasionally I do slip up, and no this not admission of guilt. You chose to start this by isolating a few sentences out of context deliberately to fit your argument, cherry picking data to fit your conclusion. No one else in this entire thread has done what you did. All others chose to answer my query for help, and each of them is doing their best, I thank those that answered my query.

Move on, and keep this thread on topic.

And what printing protocol are they using? What operating system are they running?

The point of this question is that if a Linux computer outside of the VM is working then we can probably get the one inside the VM working. If there are no Linux computers outside of the VM then we are starting further behind, but it is still doable.

At the risk of transgressing your requirements, … :slight_smile:

one possibility is that basic network printing protocols are disabled on the printer itself e.g. all the other computers are running MacOS and are using some proprietary Apple printing protocol that is enabled on the printer. Can you jump on the printer and check what printing protocols are enabled?

For clarity, this same question applies to every make and model of printer, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s Epson or whether the Epson driver is installed. This is about the basic printing protocol connectivity between Linux inside the VM and the printer.

One way of diagnosing things is to get the printer itself to print a (network) configuration page. Can your printer do that? Do you know how to ask it to do so? Do you have a manual for the printer?

Do you know the printer’s IP address? Can Linux inside the VM ping the printer’s IP address? Again, the printer’s configuration page will probably display the printer’s IP address. Yes, ping is command line.