Ergonomics: 130 degree hinge is harmful for tall people

Please consider a hinge that opens at least to 170 degrees-- opening to a flat 180 degrees would be better.

As a tall person using a laptop, I have found a Lenovo X1 Carbon that opens nearly flat to be far more comfortable to use than a MacBook or Dell XPS 13 that also opens to roughly 130 degrees as the Librem 13 is specified.

The ergonomics of looking at the 130 degree screen for someone over 6’ tall becomes the cause of rounding one’s back which is very bad posture. Within minutes of use, people unconsciously level their heads to the object being viewed, according to those who have studied bio-mechanics or physical therapy.

With a nearly flat configuration using a hinge that opens close to 180 degrees, alternate postures become possible that alleviate neck or back pressure.

If you would consider this for an upcoming revision, that would be greatly appreciated!