ERROR: Boot Hash Mistmatch after a trial install of Fedora

tldr: got mismatch after a trial install of Fedora. Is this OK?

Hi - I have come to like Sway WM a lot but ran into some bumpiness running it on PureOS. I read in r/swaywm that rolling release distros which are more cutting edge are good for running with Sway WM (ie - Arch, Endeavour, Fedora) so I decided to trial Fedora and see how it seemed. After the install and resetting the secrets I got:

The following files failed the verification process:
This could be a compromise!

My reading tonight leads me to think this is OK but want to be sure by checking here. Is this a problem?

Thank you

Did you got this error after you updated the checksums for all the files in the /boot partition?

Before updating the checksums.

1- USB boot from Fedora iso, installation
2- reset secrets with Librem Key, rebooted OK
3- did dnf upgrade, rebooted
4- got the hash mismatch error.
5- updated the checksums

After posting on 1/30, I did another dnf upgrade, rebooted, and got another Boot Hash Mismatch:

I suspect Iā€™m going to get these a lot if I decide to stick with Fedora with the associated frequent updates - does that sound correct?

This behavior is expected, right?

You will get these warning everytime there is an update that changes the files in the /boot partition. Like a kernel or initramfs update.

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