ERROR: Cannot mount /boot


I live booted ParrotOS on my librem 13v4 and ran a full install. The installation completed and my system restarted. as my laptop powers back up it prompts me with with a box titled:

ERROR: Cannot mount /boot

  • The /boot partition at /dev/sda2 could not be mounted
  • Would you like to configure the /boot device now?
  • Yes/No

If I hit no it will take me to the recovery shell.
If I hit yes it takes me to the next screen:

Boot Device Selection
Currently set to /dev/sda1. [1-2, a to abort]:

  • /dev/sda1
  • /dev/sda2
  • abort

both option 1 & 2 responds with:

Unable to un/re-mount /boot:
unmount: can’t unmount /boot: invalid argument

the abort option takes me back to the first screen I get when my laptop powers on. Now I’m stuck between a loop of 2 screens that doesn’t fix anything. My Librem laptop is currently a brick I can’t even use it anymore. Can someone please help me resolve this? I just want to be able to use ParrotOS natively with out these problems. I would greatly appreciate any assistance as this has been a huge headache for a Linux beginner like me.

@kyz welcome to the forum,

to help troubleshoot this problem it would be really helpful if you could tell us how you partitioned your harddrive/SSD and where/if your /boot mount point was created.
Also your selected Bios Option you chose for the Librem 13.
With only 2 partitions it seems that the standard installation of ParrotOS is just using 1 partition as /root mount point and the other as swap. This might work with most UEFI Bios options but it seems that cooreboot/pureboot wants a dedicated Boot partition.
Which in case of ParrotOS you might need to do a custom partitioning during installation.
My Advice would be try installing PureOS again and look at the standard partitioning / mount point Layout and then try to recreate it during the installation in ParrotOS

My advice, if you are a Linux beginner, would be to stick with the supplied operating system (PureOS).

Do you have Pureboot / a Librem Key for secure booting? If yes then follow: Reinstalling PureOS

If not Pureboot / Librem Key then perhaps contact Purism support and ask for a set of instructions that are specific to the simpler situation.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out Manual.

I do have pure boot and a librem key. I’m not sure about how the drive was partitioned, honesty just swifted through the installer real quick and I know that doesn’t really help you help me, I apologize. I do remember choosing to swap with hibernate. How can I get out the loop of 2 screens I’m currently stuck at to re install pure os?

You should be able to follow this guide.
Another posible reason for the /boot not found problem could be this entry in another post dealing with pureboot/libremkey and an alternative OS

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