Unable to un/re-mount /boot


I’ve followed the exact setup described in “Advanced installation” here: https://tracker.pureos.net/w/installation_guide/live_system_installation/ but selecting the “Encrypt” checkbox whenever possible.

Now, I’m having a similar issue described here: ERROR: Cannot mount /boot ( FYI @kyz ) while full installing PureOS on my librem 13v4.

So, every time I boot I get the following message:

" ERROR: Cannot mount /boot
The /boot partition at /dev/sda1 could not be mounted!
Would you like to configure the /boot device now?"

"Boot Device Selection
Currently set to /dev/sda1. [1-3, a to abort]:


option 1 & 2 & 3 responds with:

“Unable to un/re-mount /boot:
unmount: can’t unmount /boot: invalid argument”

the abort option outputs the message:

“!!! Unable to mount /boot
New value of PCR[4]: «some-hash-value»
!!! Starting recovery shell

I borrow the same words from kyz: “Now I’m stuck between a loop of 3 screens that doesn’t fix anything. My Librem laptop is currently a brick I can’t even use it anymore.”.

Any help will be VERY appreciated.

Did you encrypt your boot partition?

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@Gavaudan I created 4 partitions like explained in the link (https://tracker.pureos.net/w/installation_guide/live_system_installation/). Only the “partition with special flag” (bios-grub flag) was created without encryption.

This was mistake of yours (this procedure cannot result in something that you are up to). Please proceed by encrypting of just your /home partition (only partition that might be encrypted).

@Quarnero Thanks for the tip. But “now I’m stuck between a loop of 3 screens that doesn’t fix anything." How can I proceed?

You need to install PureOS from the beginning correctly, repeat everything from the USB Flash Drive (with the PureOS image on it). (I’m going out now, just please stay focused on what written within related install guide and you’ll be fine).

@Quarnero I guess I’m at beginner’s level. I’m in a loop here. Only when I select “abort” I get the following message.

“!!! Unable to mount /boot
New value of PCR[4]: «some-hash-value»
!!! Starting recovery shell

How can I get the machine recognizing the USB Flash Drive?

( FYI @JeromeMorrow Use Pureboot recovery shell to set up boot from USB? )

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@rcjav, even if you are on your own (at this point of time), please start to arm yourself with the related knowledge here: https://puri.sm/posts/pureboots-powerful-recovery-console/ and here: Starting recovery shell ~#.

I see that you do not have there /dev/sdb1 option (mounted USB Flash Drive = with PureOS install image on it). Please power off your Librem 13v4, connect power supply to it, connect USB Flash Drive to USB-A port, turn on your Linux laptop and let us know if /dev/sdb1 present/visible?

EDIT: @rcjav, hello, is this shortcut the one that you are looking for? Chapter containing this part: “which mean /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, and so on” is the one that you might need there, pointing toward there used USB Flash Drive.

As another option/solution, you might want to take this Librem 13v4 solid-state drive out and replace it with the another one. Or rather take this current (yet wrongly partitioned) SSD out (put it in some external SSD enclosure) and erase/reformat currently encrypted SSD to contain only one simple partition and, bring it back inside of Librem13v4 and start brand new PureOS install afterwards.

@Quarnero I am very dependent from my laptop in a daily basis, so I bought a new SSD and PureOS is now running again. Problem SOLVED!
I am so grateful for the advice, useful links (my knowledge will boost) and time spending around this issue. Many thanks!

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