Error mounting 2nd SSD drive

I left my laptop in sleep mode for a couple days w/o power. When I returned and recharged I tried to access the second SSD drive via file utility; entered the password (it’s encrypted) and received error:

error mounting /dev/sda1 at /media/xxx/DataLinux1 can’t read superblock on dev/sda1

I have two partitions on this SSD, ext4 and a NTFS. The NTFS partitoin is working normall which tells me the SSD drive is not damaged…

thanks in advance

You sure you’ve entered password correctly? Could you check the SMART status of the disk in GNOME Disks application? You can also fsck the partition there to check for any errors in file system.

Thanks mladen,
GNOME Disk application fixed it w/ “check file system” and repair files system.