Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

Ordered a Librem 14 on sept 17 2021. Got an address confirmation email today - June 1.

you got the address confirmation email or the shipping tracking information?

Got my address confirmation email today June 1st

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Ordered Sept. 27th, got an address confirmation today (June 1st)
Hopefully it ships in the next two weeks, I’m just excited to finally get it, but it’s looking like it’s gonna arrive when I’m out of town lol

Sorry! Address confirmation

I got address confirmation 2 weeks ago, no shipping info yet, if that helps.


i got address confirmation today!

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I also got my address confirmation today! It seems like that things are going very smoothly at the moment! (September 28, 2020)

My order from july 2020 just shipped today :slight_smile:


When did you get your address confirmation if I may ask?

Last days of March.

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My L14 was shipped today!


Congrats @Freedom_Right :grin: :+1:

joao.azevedo emailed me that mine should be shipping this week, so here’s hoping!

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Sooo… two months from address confirmation to shipping? OMG

I’m moving this month. I guess it’s good I got it shipped to a UPS store…

Great! And thanks to everyone who posts updates here.

The most recent official forecast I know if is from an April 30 blog post:
It says their plan is to hit shipping parity in June. The Librem 14 order page says orders placed today ship in 8 weeks, which suggests shipping parity beginning of August at the earliest. I guess we’ll see, but it would be nice to know if Purism foresees more possible delays in the supply chain.

Date Ordered: July 4, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: March 26, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation: March 29, 2021
Email with Tracking Number: June 8, 2021


My goodness. This does not bode well for those of us that ordered this year.

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Depends on the number of units ordered, doesn’t it?


Anyone who could generally foresee delays or future respective unexpected could become very rich. And in this case it isn’t necessarily a delay in the sense that any preordered devices get shipped later. People where buying L14s after the publication of that blog post and before the increase in price so that the estimated shipping parity shifts to a later date. Purism could’ve only planned that in if they knew how much orders were coming. Not even Sean Spencer would have known that for sure. :innocent: :smile:

You’re a smart guy - you know it’s not just the number of units but the run rate as well. I am certainly inferring a slow run rate but I am facing a failing laptop and trying to calculate what my choices are. I will likely hold on as long as I can but if this computer fails catastrophically before then, it places me in a difficult position of ordering another laptop only to be cycling it out when the Librem 14 arrives. I hope you understand my quandary. It’s unfortunate.

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