Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

Please, post here about your Librem 14 orders, shipping and confirmation email. If you have already received your L14, fell free to post first impressions and any problem you might have with the computer (such as the hotfix).

Please, do not post anything else that is not relevant to shipping estimates. This is not the place to air your grievances with Purism, let’s keep this topic short and easy to follow for those who want to have a better idea on how L14 shipping is going.

I will update this top post daily with information about the last order shipped and the last order that received the confirmation email.

First day of pre-order: July 2, 2020

Last shipped order: July 25, 2021

Last confirmation email: July 25, 2021

Last edit on this post: November 24, 2021

Also, feel free to link to posts where other users reported their shipping info or edit this post


I ordered August 15 and haven’t received anything

With NVMe 500 GB HD and single 16 GB RAM

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^ Last Shipped Order: July 3rd, 2020


I ordered on August 6th, 1 SSD. No confirmation email.

Ordered aug 3rd, got shipping email today

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Did your order get shipped today or did you get only the address confirmation email?

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It got shipped today, got tracking num and everything


They already got through 1 month of pre-order, it’s looking good for shipping parity in june :grinning:
Anyone order before August 3rd and hasn’t got their order shipped yet?

Me I ordered in July (single drive) and havent gotten my shipping notification

Have you checked your spam folder yet?

Yep I’ve checked, it’s not there

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I ordered July 13, 2020 and only got my shipping confirmation, no tracking info yet. How did hashcat get his tracking info before me?

Right I feel bad for people that ordered before me and still don’t have tracking. But I’ll take it lmao

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did you order a bone stock configuration? or did you change ram/add extras (such as an extra boot usd)/or add the pureboot bundle?

Only thing I added was extra ram (32GB).

Hmm, that’s interesting… ordered mine July 13 and mine hasn’t been shipped yet either. Order’s still listed as “Awaiting Shipment” on my shop account. Don’t think I customized it at all, or at least if I did it wasn’t with anything that cost extra.

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I ordered two storage slots at first but then I changed it to one to accommodate for the battery they had to get faster shipping. But I still got tracking

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I guess that such differences in confirmation address messages and tracking messages related to order date is to be linked to the time of feedback from support about confirmation address: the sooner you confirmed, the sooner support gave feedback and then prepared shipping.
Although I ordered on 7 July with payment on 10 July, I got feedback from support about confirmation address only on 6 April because I waited some hours before replying to support on 26 March.
So we should take in consideration the dates of the feedback from support about confirmation address: for me 6 April.

PS: not yet shipping info for me

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Ordered August 4th, no email yet despite my efforts to contact support too.

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Okay. I ordered July 20th, confirmed my address on March 28th, which they acknowledged on March 29th. No shipping notice as of yet.