Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

I didn’t want to reply, but Purism didn’t hit the time frame I said before. Something went wrong internal, so I never got that reply with shipping notification.

However, I wrote last week to Purisms support-email and got a response one day later. João Azevedo apologized for that and wrote that he is trying to ship it on same week. One day later (Thursday) I got that shipment notification. Thanks for that simple and fast support @joao.azevedo.

I wanted to share this experience with you people. If you miss any email about verification or shipment, just write a friendly request/reminder and all will be done just fine. But only if Purism is over your queue number - so compare with this thread before (and may give 1 or 2 weeks extra to be sure). In past I saw some people writing that they got no L5 even months after Purism reached their queue number. There is no need for waiting that long.

Ordered: 2019-07-31
Verification E-Mail: 2023-04-04
Support E-Mail to Purism: 2023-04-24
Support response: 2023-04-25
Shipping notification: 2023-04-26
Received: 2023-05-02

Country: Germany
Tax: 19% (114€ from 649$-order).




I hope I get the shipping estimate today or tomorrow

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Ordered: 2019-09-28
Verification e-mail: 2023-04-17
Response: 2023-04-19
Shipping notification: 2023-04-24
Received: 2023-05-03

Total wait time in days:
2019 - 95 days
2020 - 366 days
2021 - 365 days
2022 - 365 days
2023 - 122 days
total - 3 calendar years and 217 days (~3.59 calendar years)

I am happy to have the device though, and I’ll do another post about the setting up experience, since I am in the unusual group of those who have already been using the Pinephone as the only phone for the last two years.


Ordered: 2019-12-20
Verification e-mail: 2023-05-08

I won’t publish the other dates but I’m so happy that I had to share the news right away :partying_face:


Wow I can finally add my info to this thread:

Ordered: 2019-12-11
Verification Email: 2023-05-08
Response: 2023-05-08
Shipment Notification: 2023-06-06
Received: very very soon?


Edit: Shipped today!


Ordered : May 15th 2019
Confirmation Email : February 15th 2023
Shipment Notification : March 21st 2023
Shipment Delivery : March 27th
Country : Germany


You should receive it within next 2 weeks: 7 days for shipment notification and 7 days for delivery .


Ordered: 2019-12-31
Verification Email: 2023-05-08


Ordered : December 20th 2019
Confirmation Email : May 8th 2023
May 9th 2023: email to support to request spare parts for my second-hand bought Librem5 to be delivered along with my new one
May 9th 2023 - evening: email with payment for spare parts confirmed and with listing of all open orders including additional parts to be shipped together
Shipment Notification :
Shipment Delivery :


Order date: 2019-09-29
Verification email: 2023-02-21
Shipping Tracking Number: 2023-17-2023
Received: 2023-05-23
Country: United States


Ordered: 2019-10-25
Verification E-Mail: 2023-04-17
Response: 2023-04-18
Shipment notification: 2023-04-27
Received: 2023-05-08

Country: USA/Spain

I can´t believe it, after all this time reading about others receiving their L5, finally my time has arrived!! I hope this helps to stop comments about Purism not keeping up with their promises. The work they have accomplished in creating the L5 has been huge and many others before them have failed, so hats off for the whole team at Purism and also to all the community supporting this forum. Particular thanks to Joao Azevedo and the support team at Purism for their very specific requests and clear communications before shipping which has made the delivery process particularly easy.


Quoting this because it’s not being said often enough.


Ordered: 2020-04-13
Verification email: 2023-05-13
Nothing else yet

I can hear the sounds of exploding heads from here, so I will add that I had another order from 2019-08-01, and they might’ve crossed some wires over there and actually sent me the email because of my 2019 order, not my 2020 order (although the email has my 2020 order number, not my 2019 one). Posting this anyway just to keep the thread spicy.


Ordered: 2020-01-30
Verification email: 2023-05-12
Response: 2023-05-15
Shipment notification: 2023-05-26
Received: 2023-05-30
Country: Germany


Ordered: 2020-06-09
Verification email: 2023-05-12
Response: 2023-05-12
Country: USA


Ah, I forgot to report myself!

Ordered: Aug 2019
Verification E-mail: Mar 2023
Got my L5: May 2023


When did the lead time for a new order of the Librem 5 drop from 52 weeks to 20 weeks on the Purism Products and Availability Chart? Just spotted that yesterday.

At the bottom of the chart it still says that the last update was on 2022.09.02, which is no longer true. When Kyle Rankin posted [Where’s My Librem 5 / Part 3] ( on 2023.03.08, he indicated that his next shipping update would be likely be timed with the end of the batch E5 production run. We haven’t heard again from him on the subject, at least that I noticed. Since the lead time for new orders has been quietly cut by 62% down to five months, does that now suggest that the estimated date for shipping parity has been moved from end of Q2 / early Q3, as Rankin stated in that post, to early Q4 aka October?

I ordered my L5 on 2021.06.29 and was hoping to see it next month. Will be at the start of batch E5 so still holding out some hope.


I never took “52” as a real number anyway. I took it as “indefinite” or “too uncertain to make a meaningful forecast”.

I think the change to specifying “20 weeks” is a fairly recent change (last week or two). I believe that Kyle has left the building, so don’t expect further shipping updates from him. It would seem that the current messaging is that all backorders will be fulfilled by June 30, 2023.


Because 52 is an integer?