Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Thanks for starting this thread, I find it quite interesting to see the progress (and was afraid we lost you during those years :-)). Updated the chart.


I found that the AP6275S_NVRAM_V1.2.1_20200311 firmware had working WiFi, but AP6275S_NVRAM_V1.4_20201116 did not scan (although other devices could see it in hotspot mode). Neither had Bluetooth. It might have something to do with where I found those files. Also, the right U.FL cable could be 2mm longer in Evergreen (although the extra length is available by rerouting the cable under the middle cover). Bitch models had plenty of length to spare.

Today I’ve received the long awaited email from Purism. :laughing:
I need to confirm my shipping address and if I wanted to add some accessories to my order. :white_check_mark:

My order date is: 17 Januari 2018.
I’ll post any updates here as soon as there is any progress made in the process.


Just received the shipping email.
Order date: 11 January 2018


Into 2018!!! Great news.


Wait - what? :open_mouth: My order date is October 19, 2017, and so far I only got my address confirmation e-mail (in October 2021). Up to now I was just a bit envious, when I saw people with order dates after mine reporting shipping e-mails (or receiving actual phones). But I thought it might be somewhat difficult for purism to process orders exactly in order, since they might be doing things in parallel. Yet I’d expect them to ship first to those who participated during the crowd funding period, before serving those who ordered afterwards. Is anybody else with an October 2017 order still waiting for the shipping e-mail?

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As always, it is useful to do two things.

  • Confirm whether your email is working e.g. in terms of whether Purism’s email was eaten as spam or e.g. whether your email address has changed in the ensuing 4 years
  • Contact Purism support in order to enquire as to whether there is a problem with your order.
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I’ll contact you via DM


IMHO, best would be if Purism would publish somehow, for example here in a pinned post, the order date of the last shipped L5.

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My order date is Oct 22, 2017.
I have received the address confirmation email on Feb 14, 2022 but the phone as not been shipped yet (Mars 9, 2022).
I have sent an email on Mars 3, 2022 asking when the phone is expected to be sent and get a reply asking to confirm my shipping address, which I have already done on Feb 14!
On Mars 7, I received an email stating that the phone will be shipped within the week…
I am still waiting for the shipping email…


Ordered: 2017-10-22
Address mail: 2022-02-14
Ship date: 2022-03-01
Arrival date: 2022-03-07

Unboxed and checked the most essential things

  • drains 120mA when powered off and not charging …
  • wifi lost connection several times within 30 minutes (see vid at second 7), and couldn’t reconnect automatically, even soft-reset did not help. Only hard reset with kill switch helped …

Strange … Hope this is software not hardware error. Haven’t checked anything else yet (bluetooth, gps, updates, sim, calls, etc).


That’s pretty much what this topic is, but crowd-sourced. However as the post 3 above yours and the post after yours imply, that’s going to get confusing if (when) orders are not shipped strictly in order. The “order date” could be momentarily in January 2018 and then suddenly get dragged back to October 2017 for a couple of orders.

At least the shipping address / modem select mail should be in the order of the order date, very strictly. The rest, i.e. the real shipment, depends on the answer, if any, of the client. Having Purism in the obligation of publish the date of address/modem mail would help to avoid such confusions and would let people check their mail pipeline if they‘re not receiving a mail which they are suposed to be mailed.

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Shipping mail, that is, it has actually been shipped, or the address confirmation mail?

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You should create a separate topic and people will help you to debug.

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The address confirmation email. Hasn’t shipped yet

We should consistently use the term “tracking number email” (or, more precisely, the “ship date” you get from the tracking number) if that’s how we’ve been collecting data so far.

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Ordered: 22.10.2017
Address mail: 01.03.2022
Ship date: 08.03.2022
Arrival date: 14.03.2022


Ordered :11.1.2018
Address email: 8.3.2022
Tracking shipping email: Didn’t get one
Delivered: 15.3.2022 Fed-ex(driver called to let me know he was at the front door with a package.)


Honestly, how this can happen: order date 22.10.2017 and 11.1.2018 delivered nearly the same day?