Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

I agree about the communication. Its a lovely clear explanation of why they are doing what they are and an estimate of when they will start producing.

Thanks for posting that. I’ll now keep any eye out for the pinetab. I can’t wait now to get the pinephone. I should have ordered the bloody thing months ago!

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FYI, this one was ordered Sep 29, 2017; delivered in Australia Apr 21. ](


I had a shipping estimate for April. Today I received an email explaining the component shortage. I will receive my Librem 5 after that production resumes in October. My order date is 2017-10-06.


I‘ve got the same mail today and have had the same shipping estimate as April. My order date is 2017-10-07, in next October we have been waited 4 years and nobody knows if the production will resume in October.


Yep. Got that email too. My order date was 2017-10-06. So close. Considering they made the failed April estimate without having the parts, their October estimate without the parts holds no weight. I will be pleasantly surprised if it turns up.

The silver lining for me is that I have held onto my dying iphone 5S for an additional 4 years. In this time it has become almost unusable due to the dying battery. I now barely use it for anything but the occasional phone call. This has inadvertently cured my phone/data addiction! I will probably retire my iphone soon and crank out my trusty old Nokia. This has an easily removable battery so will help reduce the surveillance of me in the encroaching dystopian authoritarian nonsense world, which I envisioned a Librem 5 would be useful for back in 2017.


I thought the shipments planned until May were only for the models they were sure to have the components for.
It’s really not clear how they communicate…
At each step it seems like it’s only a matter of months and in the end it’s several years of delays!


Did you get it yet?

That time and courtesy has passed

Im not the user with the email referenced in the quote, but checking their forum profile it appears they did receive it.

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It says “approximately 6 weeks” for the Librem 14, but this thread is about the Librem 5.

For the Librem 5 the shop page says: “Backorder shipping resumes October 2021. Place your order now, get it Q4 2021 – Q1 2022.”

And for the Librem 5 USA the shop page says: “Place your order now, get in a few months!”
But says “Parity planned within Q2 2021” which would mean before the end of June. Perhaps that planning turned out to be, again, too optimistic.


my mistake

Technically, the “Place your order now, get it in a few months” Label predates the update of getting it by end of Q2. I know it’s been there since I bought the L5USA back in Jan. At the time, recent updates suggested shipping parity in Feb 2021, so I’m sill optimistic about end of June.


Just to keep this topic alive as I see some that ordered in 2017 still have not received a phone. I ordered in 2018 and now do not expect a phone until 2023 if even then. I hope they did not use some of the money from the early backers to startup the USA version. Have any USA versions been delivered? If they have and the startup money was from early backers then this is a ponzi scheme. Going on 5 years and counting and still no phone does not look like we will have a good outcome. Ordering a phone and giving your hard earned money to Purism to wait is not recommended! I would recommend anyone wanting for a Purism phone is to wait until they get caught up with the orders before giving them your money due to so may promises being broken. Do not believe the hype! You have been warned.

I never “giving” the money to Purism just to wait. As a lonely Ubuntu phone user (bq) the risks where well known. My money was for backing the development of an open (Linux) phone with “convergence” in mind. I do NOT regret putting my money on Purism. I’m impressed by what Purism did en still doing. I can wait.


You are not a lonely Ubuntu bq user, me too since 2015. And I backed the project in October 2017 and bought a 2nd L5 a few days ago. I can and will wait too.


That should have been part of the product development plan / strategy and in place.

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Well, I am sorry to say I couldn’t hold out any longer. I bought an iphone11 and because my old phone that was on its last leg, in 2018 when I bought the L5, lost its legs. I didn’t setup an AppleID and I’m just using the phone, no apps or service enabled. I got it for about $300 bucks on the ATT deal that is going on until the end of Sept 21, with eligible trade-in. With this purchase in place, it now gives me more patience to wait for the L5 because I no longer “need a phone”. Still mad at the delays (very) but hope the best for the L5 product to be ask promised if/when it comes.


I agree with you, but I see the posibility that this time some one (Purism) may successfully produce a viable Linux mobile platform, learning something from the trials of those who worked on dev these type of systems in the past. Primarily basing my hopes this time because even though a young company, they had produced Linux laptops as well as other devices and services. Operationally even though they were judged they kept not only showing progress and producing for the community, freely adding to the progress that all could benefit from. For this reason I invested in their work, and if I get a Librem 5 (as I believe I will) I will be blessed. If I dont receive an L5, there is still a great benefit since there has already been much of Purisms work added into the public domain.


Why didn’t you buy a phone with Android degoogled version (like old cyanogenmod)?
IMO it’d be better than iPhone and consistent with your logic to buy L5 (avoid surveillance capitalism…)
I’ll do that if my actual smartphone should die before to receive my L5.a
Just curious to know

Looks like you are someone who has received the Librem 5 :slightly_smiling_face:

If it were the money part, then I am sure disgruntled iPhone and/or Android users who opted for a privacy focused phone wouldn’t have minded putting more money during the initial crowdfunding ask. I am not sure if it is too late for Purism to ask for more from the initial backers. But there is lack of transparency, delays delays and delays that is causing frustration.

it was advertised that existing Linux applications could be used on the phone. Posh was build around it (This was something quite radical considering Apple/Google/Microsoft et al could not do any such thing). So, we do have an ecosystem of existing apps albeit not all of them would be suitable for working on phone UI. And rightly so, might not be needed on a Phone. But then if Librem 5 can be used as a computer, as advertised which it can, then what ecosystem are you referring to? We already have one at place.

All that the we need to know, when will I get my Librem 5?