Estimated Shipping for Librem 14?

I ordered the librem 14 about 2 months ago. I was told estimated shipping was end of April. I’m ok with waiting longer just curious when I will likely get the laptop. Thanks.

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Off the cuff, I think I’ve seen it stated they hope to be through preorders by the end of May. You can probably scan bank through some of the other L14 threads to find the last statement. With that said, I ordered in early September and haven’t received an address confirmation yet so it may be going a bit slower than. 🤷

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Check the product’s page. It said June the last time I was on it.

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I ordered mine in the middle of April, when I placed my order the page said orders placed today will ship May 2021.


Ordered July 13th 2020. confirmed shipping info at the end of March. Haven’t received tracking info yet. Hope that helps.