Estimated usage time - Battery life on Librem 5

Was wondering how long will it last with moderate use.
Would Purism do some battery testing and share it with us. Or maybe like some oems post it in the feature / specifications section as expected usage time.
Given that the hardware won’t be power efficient, it’s definitely gonna be a challenge. Unless they go with a fat one (4000Ah :)). Which I doubt bc it brings lot more cost to the phone.
I know it’s gonna run the leanest OS on a phone and free of bloatware, just not sure how much that can compensate for inferior hardware (compared to major brands today).
Cheap LCD panels (I expect) r not that power efficient, imx is light year behind Qualcomm & how it’s gonna be integrated w the modem, modem itself…

It’s not that it will discourage enthusiasts from buying it, but it’s nice to know what to expect.
What would be the biggest surprise - hot swap battery :slight_smile:

Difficult to say what “moderate use” means. For starters, how about standby time? i.e. no use at all, just having the phone on and connected to the relevant networks.

I think the battery will be a fat one. Below is a pic from the pcb above the phone. I expect modem and wifi to gonna sit on top of the main pcb. So half of this 5.7" phone will be battery. And the phone it self will be a fat one too. (around 14mm is expected i think)

I would also counter your expectations about the screen. They went from fullHD (2160x 108o in 18:9) to 720x1440 while they evaluated the screens. Probably because it is less energy hungry while not making that much of a difference. With normal viewing distance for phones for most people the recognition of pixels lies around 300ppi and they got about 280ppi (2160x1080 in 18:9 would be 420 ppi). This is good i think. In my opinion displays of phones go in a wrong direction. More pixels, more brightness, more colours and bigger all came on the price of higher power consumption. So, no, more expensive definitely doesn’t equal with lower power neither dose the other way around i think. Probably in the midfield the most efficient can be found. and i hope that is what we get :slight_smile:

Stats for constant use of each of these task would be cool. standby, web browsing, call, audio playback and video playback. In that order of importance. I think web browsing is probably equal with many other task in apps which use mobile data (and i expect most of the usage on a smartphone is internet related)