ETA Average Response Time From Support?

What is average response time from “”? Is there a ticket system or just email them? I have emailed, but that was March 27 and 28 (a copy w/ corrected error).
There has been no courtesy reply that email has been received. It’s not in Spam box either.


there is a ticket system just not shared as far as i know, you create an email support request they create a ticket just like any other business, its probably always best to ask for the ticket number, so you that can be included in any email, forum, or other conversations (since it’s independent of time, email, name, forum, format etc).

my experience has been response time is great! 1week or so, resolution time depends and can be 2weeks to 1-6Months depending on the issue, since it’s open source and no guarantee that any of it works i find it quite good. I know its hard in our consumerist society to have to wait, but since there isn’t a physical shop you can go to and my friend typically laugh or shrug at it.

That said i think its better than say Google which completely ignores all your requests, or pawns you off to a forum, unless you pretend to be a business partner at which point they will answer your call or email (then ignore you once they figure out your just a consumer). Amazon is pretty good actually, and Apple is good since you can show up at a store and try to get a resolution, also the Apple support forums or getting a bug resolution are atrocious, but on the phone you typically have to pay say $60 just to talk to a human being :slight_smile:

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Time to check with @mladen (Support Manager)?

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Good point sorry i was just speaking based on what i have seen in response emails, i don’t think i have seen actual support ticket numbers yet.

What is the email address you contacted us from? (You can send it via direct message here.)

What about an open Trouble Ticket System where L5 owners can file tickets and see others tickets (and add me too or other relevant comments)?

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Memories, there was this lady at my previous job who worked help desk.

You want to talk to her, buy her a coffee, or take her to lunch?

“You need a ticket, sir!”

She is now responsible for that company’s Help Desk, Eastern half of the U.S.

I just got a email from, I think, support. There was screen cap of a discussion where The Support all summed up said times up - you snooze, you lose. OK, my mistake in believing I WAS working with ‘support’. The original email & screencap show where ‘they’ offered to review my issues - I accepted . Didn’t hear back until today and today’s response from them is mute because we were past that already. Three steps forward, two steps back.

Someone mentioned it could take a couple of weeks to hear back. In today’s world, that is unacceptable on all levels. I still haven’t heard back from their offer to help. Support seems hung up on dates. I wonder how long ago I should have asked for Support at least answer back - maybe time is up on that too now.

If I got this right, I was still within the 30 day warranty x 3 days. Maybe Support uses the date they look at the email, not date of email. They should be able to communicate better than that.

Yep. I made contact regarding the issues, most notably the camera and psycho tap/swipe. Especially the tap/swipe thing.

I managed to get the dock working again today and copied the pics I wanted to keep over to the added storage I set up. I did just what I’d do with any group of files. Worked like a charm that would otherwise have been a nightmare with psycho-tap.

Setting > Displays > Join Displays: Has one using the L5 to tap open programs, & the programs load in monitor. The L5 desktop is behind the L5 blank screen.

Setting > Displays > Mirror: is great because one can see the swipe-up ^ icon at bottom of monitor to open another program.
Setting > Displays > Single Display: Is best IMO because everything is large, and the L5 can blank out.

I just need a way now to cool the two down. Old fan from laptop, plug into workstation, place L5 over it. I’ll tinker up something. :slight_smile:

It’s a beautiful sunny day today - hope your’s is great too

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That is a heck of a lot of coffee to be drinking!

She also has to make a beeline from the building entrance to her desk so she doesn’t get “cornered” by someone with no “ticket”. She is also on the corporate payroll whereas employees in the plant are on the division payroll. So it is an odd feeling when you’re the only IT person in the building but the who or what is in the building is not necessarily her job.

“Do you have a spare thumb drive?” - “Open a ticket.”
“Do you have an extra power cable?” - “Open a ticket.”
“My printer don’t work”. - Open a ticket.
“Do you have an HDMI cable for our new employee?” - “Open a ticket.”

When it comes to stupid issues like these, the company will send out a contractor. Not her. So there is a lttle animosity in the plant towards her, because half the plant thinks she’s local support, she is not.

So did a final joke before I left. I bought a brand new HDMI cable from local PX, and hung it up on her cubicle wall with a note: “Only to be issued in case the plant manager hires a new employee without forethought or planning.”

The plant manager saw it 6 months before he was let go.

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I’ve received emails from them, but when I send the 2 days work they required, it comes back from “NOREPLY”.

This is not good.

Please create a NEW email and put only into the address line.

I do not fully understand what you want to say with this. I’m in contact with support@ and I get my questions/replies answered in time.

I am happy for you, but because it works for one, some, many almost all, doesn’t mean it works for all.

I still have no idea how long average is be it estimated, guesstimated, pull a number out of. I have seen anywhere from 2 year to not at all.
I answered to all things I was supposed type in and send results back. That took a day. With this demon-phone, that was fast.

Now, the battery won’t charge. I gather any other warranty, other than th 30 days, has also expired.