Ethernet problem Hoyoki dock

I’m having problems with the Hoyokis dock ethernet adapter.

I opened an issue here: ethernet connection not activated when hoyoki dock is connected (#491) · Issues · Librem5 / linux · GitLab

Can anybody confirm the behaviour on a Librem5 running an up-to-date PureOS Byzantium?

It seems like nobody is using the Nic of the Hoyokis dock.
I’m sure there are users here who also use the Hoyokis dock.
Obviously they aren’t visiting the forum at the moment. :smirk:

Can only say this about this matter :
My librem5 is up-to date, I’m using i-tec nanodock and no problem with ethernet connection

Hi I use a Bonelk dock. I found I need to connect the Ethernet line LAST. After all other connections. I need to disconnect the Ethernet FIRST before and other connection is removed. I found that if I disconnect the L5 before I disconnect Ethernet a ‘Pause Frame’ signal is sent to my main router that STOPS the router COMPLETELY. The only way to restart it is to reconnect the L5. Not even power on off on the router worked.
BTW the Bonelk dock MUST have power connected, I use the same power supply that comes with the L5 as the Bonelk has a USBC power port same as the L5.

My librem5 is up-to date (but no update available since a week). I’m using SeloreS-Global dock and I lose regurarly the ethernet connection. Sometimes, the Wifi doesn’t connect too when the L5 is plugged with the dock. The Wifi connection is restore when the L5 is unplugged.
This behavior is recent. It didn’t act like this 2 month ago

Thanks for all the information!

My specific question has been regarding the hoyoky dock and its Ethernet chip r8152. It would be interesting reading about other docks/usb-adapters containing a r8152.

For the information about the other docks mentioned here it would be nice if they’d show up on the community wiki: Tested Accessories · Wiki · Librem5 / Librem 5 Community Wiki · GitLab

Get an account and help spreading the information :slight_smile: !

About the initial problem: I extended the (issue)[ethernet connection not activated when hoyoki dock is connected (#491) · Issues · Librem5 / linux · GitLab] with some more information.

Update: I made a udev rule that unloads the modules on remove of the dock. It works for me as a workaround. You can find the rule as a comment to the issue.

After 4 months of abstinence, I took out the librem5 again and had the same problem as you. No LAN interface.

I’m using the i-tec usb-c hub from Tested Accessories with same Ethernet chip.

Thx for sharing your work-around!

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