EU reseller topic

Time to time in discussion the european problem will popup, purism is making different product and some of them will have more shipment, vat and customs expense than the product itself.
So i make a direct question to Purism, are you working to solve this problem and be in contact with an european reseller? I think it will give more numbers on selling your product.
For the librem5 you wrote the european will receive their phone from europe, so i think you already have something in mind.
April come close day by day, i’m not here to ask you a detailed answer, but if you wanna do it you can :blush: just a generic answer like “we will do it 2019” or “we don’t care about european” (i know you care :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think some info on this topic should be spent from purism, because it’s an important topic for us


There you go:

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Funny, I purchased my laptop from Purism USA and it was cheaper than buying it directly in EU.

Well, I don’t know the background for sure, but did you pay the full customs? I checked what is usually charged in Germany, and together with that the shop from my link seems to be insanely cheap.

Btw.: They indeed ship only to Germany, EU might be a bit misleading in this case.

Unfortunatly as you already wrote they ship to germany only, and like jukebox wrote, buying from usa is cheaper.
I hope to see an EU reseller and have the products at the same price, we shoudn’t be B series customers, that’s why i hope purism could solve it.

Unfortunately, yes, I paid the full duty. But I managed to buy laptop on sale…anyway, no need to wait for EU reseller now.