Europe Plans Law to Give All Phones Same Charger


Yes. That was what I meant by “feasibly and at a reasonable price”. I don’t really care whether it is user replaceable or I have to go to a specialist screen replacement service - as long as it doesn’t end up costing 1/2 to 2/3 of the price of a new phone, which means that many customers would just ewaste the old phone in favor of getting the latest and greatest (which will no doubt have a much improved spec after 2, 3, 5 years).

That could be fixed in the web browser, which has the advantage that it will automatically retrofit to 200 million existing web sites. There are too many under-maintained or abandoned web sites to deem that new rules will apply to existing web sites.

It is poor user interface design.

I usually hover at the video waiting for it to finish initial loading so that I can immediately press Pause and then get on with reading, undisturbed. That of course doesn’t save much network traffic (on a shortish video) since it will have loaded enough for initial buffering.



There’s a video on
In options you will find english interpreter to understand what she sais. I think it can be more then just green washing, but I can fully understand your distrust in such logos. But I think after watching this video you will understand more about “Blue Angel”.


My comment was more about this kind of certification generally, in a global context, rather than Blue Angel specifically. Companies will make exaggerated claims, dubious claims, even false claims. Companies may even attempt to cheat the testing. :wink:

From what I’ve seen, this kind of thing works best when the claim is objective and the claim is quick and easy to test.


I recall a quote from a forgotten military historian,s analysis of the Anarchist bridades in the Spanish Civil War:

“They were effective fighters, but suffered from a lack of organization.”