EVERGREEN: A couple of spontaneous shutdowns

I’ve had the phone shutdown unexpectedly twice when I was attempting to use software that hasn’t been optimized for the phone yet, e.g. Thunderbird.


full powercycle or just posh restart?

It fully shut down.

If you have another Linux box available (or probably OSX…), you can run nc -lu 12345 on the other machine, then on the Librem, run dmesg -wH | nc -u <ip-address-of-other-server> 12345 to continually pipe your dmesg output to the other machine.
Then if it halts again, you can see the last kernel messages (or nearly there, if the network stack goes down as part of whatever crash, you’re SoL).


No, it’s not overheating. Thermals are all normal. Maybe it’s mad at me for my impatient clicking about in Thunderbird.


I got a lot of the Phosh restarts (it killed all the running apps) on Mobian/Phosh on the Pinephone under similar circumstances. So much so that I switched to Manjaro/Phosh for about a month. I’m back to a much newer image of Mobian and I think I’ve only had one restart in the last two weeks. I could see the stability increase as upstream Phosh incremented. My advice is to update/upgrade frequently!

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It could have been a phosh/phoc restart, as it is designed to: if you press the power button while it is restarting phosh/phoc it will power cyle and restart the whole phone.

Could that have been the case? Where you pressing the power button when it crashed?


Yes, it definitely could have been that, especially as I was flipping the phone from portrait to landscape repeatedly. I might have hit the button.


Hi, I’ve been a bit concerned about the power and volume buttons, the way they stick out proud from the case kinda screams to me that they will get pressed accidentally (putting in/getting out of pocket, generally holding it, etc). Is there any chance there could be a minor redesign to make them flush against the case?

When does phosh / phoc restart? After update/upgrade? At other events? How long does it take and is the screen black during restart?

I ask because when the screen goes black what do I do? I press the power button to check if screen went off or what’s going on. To save energy I set the screen to go off after short time. I am talking about PP PMOS to be clear, with which I had similar events. I think this behavior, as you said, is probably the same.

Maybe @dos can reply to that

Well, at crash, usually. There are some known phoc crashes at the moment, we’ll be trying to get rid of them over the next updates.

See https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/phoc/issues

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