Evergreen batch

Just wondering how many hours will a battery charge last and how the heat dissipation issue is going?

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Nobody knows, it gets better every day.
Something like the length of a working day.

Evergreen isn’t shipping until, at best, August - so how could anyone know the runtime on battery or heat dissipation?

In any case, the runtime on battery very much depends on what you are doing, what your settings are, the particular scenario of use, … Perhaps the question is: what is the absolute best case runtime on battery?

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August issue of Linux Format out last week (LXF265 issue), has a double page review of the Librem 5. They say they have a review device, which I assume is Dogwood, was running between 3 to 5 hours from a charge.


Dogwood hasn’t shipped yet, so it’ll probably be a Chestnut.


Not necessarily. Doesn’t Dogwood have a flux capacitor? :rofl:

It’ll probably be a while . I imagine most of the issue is the kernel and frequency scaling and getting the CPU to idle properly thats causing heat dissipation and battery issues.

Android was the same way when it first came out . There were all kindsa CPU frequency apps for rooted phones that could manipulate how it ran .

It will probably take a solid couple of years before development is such that frequencies peak and then immediately drop to idle when not in use .