Evergreen Battery Test

FYI the kernel update has just arrived in the production repos that should take the battery counter from “very likely totally off” into “pretty accurate” territory :slight_smile: There will also be another update that should take it even further into “as accurate as it can get”, but no idea yet when that will happen.


cc : @amarok Hello, just a question, did you try tlp to know if the program improve battery life ? Thank you !

No, I didn’t.
@joao.azevedo - Do you think this would have any applicability to the L5 in its current state?

That is a question more to @dos or @angus.ainslie

I don’t expect tlp to be able to do anything sensible on a phone.


@amarok FYI a kernel update with the battery gauge fix that actually makes it usable on Evergreen (For Real This Time™) and more accurate on all batches has just entered amber-phone-staging and should migrate to amber-phone in a week :slight_smile:


Lol! Great! Thanks, dos.

Oh well I am testing that right now :slight_smile: