EVERGREEN: Keyboard fails to open for SIM card security PIN entry

I have a lock code on my SIM card. When powering on, keyboard fails to open for me to enter the PIN. I have to cancel, then open Settings later to enter the PIN. (Keyboard behaves normally at that stage.)


Good news is: it should be already fixed in development versions and the fix should be available as a update soon :slight_smile:


Yes, usually when you have SIM PIN enabled you have to type it in after every boot to connect to the GSM network.


This has been discussed in this forum before but I don’t remember where.

Yes, both options exist.

I can say for sure that with the spiPhone, it prompts for the SIM PIN on every startup (regardless of whether power has been continuously available). In this scenario the PIN may not be stored anywhere by the phone (not disk, not RAM). It prompts you for it, it sends it to the SIM, SIM is unlocked and happy, cellular modem will then associate with the cellular network.

I think someone else mentioned some Android phones where it only ever prompts once because then the SIM PIN is stored permanently on the local disk in order to unlock the SIM on every startup without bugging the user.

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The keyboard did appear when I powered on today. Maybe it’s a sporadic thing.

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More details about that issue are here: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/squeekboard/-/issues/253

It has been troubleshooted and a fix is on it’s way via software update


And the update to solve this issue was just published in our staging repos. The staging repo is our testing repo, where new versions are tested before rolling out to clients. Usually it takes a maximum of 6 days before being available in the amber-phone repo available by default in the Librem 5.

So it should be available in the next 6 days maximum: