Evergreen Librem 5 for sale

Hi everyone,

Asking $600, not including shipping (from Japan).
Evergreen, with BM818-T1 modem.

I just received this a few days ago, but unfortunately it’s not going to work out. I’m unable to get mobile service for it where I live, and I just don’t have the need for another Wifi only Linux device.

It has been unboxed and charged, and used for a few hours. It’s in pristine condition, but for full disclosure, it did appear that someone had handled this device before shipping. There was some evidence of fingerprints, and the screen protector (which was pre-applied) has a very tiny air bubble in the top corner. I’ve heard similar reports in the forums in the past.

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Librem 5 is assembled and packaged by humans :slight_smile: Also, the screen protector is only meant for shipping. Air bubbles are expected (although I got one without).


That makes sense, thanks for commenting.
The screen protector is perfectly fine to continue using as-is, but I wanted to point it out.

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