Evolution Mail Shortcuts

I know this isn’t a forum for programs, but thought that with so many Linux experts here, perhaps someone could help.
I’m trying to find keyboard Shortcut sin Evolution Mail to Archive and Delete emails. I’ve looked at the Shortcuts info in Evolution Mail, but these tasks are not there. I’d also like to change the shortcuts, ideally without having to edit a file in Terminal. Can anyone provide any guidance on how to do these things. Does evolution have the equivalent of Extensions that handle these kinds of tasks in a more user friendly way for people who are not so adept with Terminal? Thank you.

This was an article I found on how to change the shortcuts with Terminal, but it’s new territory for me: https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-how-to-change-evolutions-keyboard-shortcuts/

I solved this problem by using Thunderbird…

Thanks, but I find Thunderbird so clunky.