Exchange ActiveSync Support

Hi, I’m getting ready to pre-order Librem 5. I want this device to be my primary business device. It is important that I have access to my Exchange email/calendar etc. Are there any plans for Librem 5 PIM to support ActiveSync natively? thanks!

I think evolution, gnomes email, calendar and addressbook tool, supports Exchange ActiveSync. What i’m not sure about is if evolution is going to be the default client on the librem5. It needs adoption for small screens which would be much work in case of of a more complex tool like evolutiuon i think. Also it don’t fit the mobile app system where you generally have seperate app for the task of email alendering and addressbook. So i’m not expecting evlution to be the default client.

But as far as i know gnome and evoltion separates data parts form the gui part in the EDS. This is a headless client managing and syncing you accounts and you can use different clients with it. So if the apps used on the phone rely on the infrastructure it should work. As evolution / EDS supports Exchange ActiveSync

PS: There was a call from purism to businesses for a business survey. So if you have business interest and want to express your needs it might be of interest for you.

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Can’t remember where I saw it, but I’m pretty sure Geary is planned as the default email.

The company I work for also use the Microsoft stack.

Geary works fine for emails but I have yet to find a good solution to sync my calendar, so I still use the outlook webapp to access that on my work computer running Linux.

@johan-bjareholt For calendar i think is promising as it used the EDS and should therefore support exchange. Its actually where i notices the EDS as i tried it i automatically had all my evolution calendars already in it. And on the desktop give evolution a try. I think its okay just to big to be adoptable for the mobile used case .

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I googled and found the evolution plugin evolution-mapi which is needed to get it work apparently. I am using debian stretch and evolution-mapi has apparently been removed after debian wheezy (oldstable) so I can’t install it.

I don‘t have any exchange server to test and nervet used any. But ob my fedora system i could even add an exchange account in gnome settings > online accounts > microsoft exchange. And as evilution plugin ther is also i think.

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Oh, thank you! evolution-mapi was apparently the old exchange api and evolution-ews is their new one. Works great now, defaulted to a broken authentication method but after manually changing that it seems to work.

Once again thanks a lot!


Thanks for the reply. I’ll be glad to fill out the survey, but it seems to have expired. At any rate I’ll consider this a request to to consider integrating Exchange ActiveSync into their 1st party PIM app a priority.