Experiences with Mobian / PostmarketOS / Kupfer on the L5

Since we have no idea and no information about Crimsons future I would collect some informations here from users with an alternative OS on their L5

  • For example how stable are phone calls, SMS, Mail and other apps
  • Energy conspumtion
  • Experiences as daily driver

and much more :wink:

Any additional information about this and these would be nice and welcome


First test here:

Flashed the L5 with PostmarketOS edge with Phosh

Phone is very snappy in using and calling so far works error free.

  1. I have to make a 2G swapfile because with original memory size the Authenticator app could not import my backup of all configurations.

  2. Working are Geary, Calender, Evolution for Caldav/Carddav, Flare, Telegram, Kweather, Fractal

  3. Millipixel starts and shows the preview. Making a shot crashes the Camera

More to be reported if I run this a bit longer


One week later.

What does not work is Millipixels aka Camera. Battery consumption is very bad and absolutely even to the also horrible energy consumption in PureOS

All other tested up to now runs fast, snappy, stable.

I will not switch back to Byzantinum. The apps are on a more actual state and so Geary can also be used with bigger mailboxes.

Incoming and outgoing calls work flawlessly and also SMS.

Now PostmarketOS will be my daily driver until someone has a better idea


Thank you for your post. Maybe I am being lazy, but Postmarket OS runs Phosh, correct? Is it possible to use other desktop environments like Danctix? Also, it is based on Debian, correct?

One more thing: when you say “horrible energy consuption” do you mean equal to or less than Byzantium, Pure OS on the Librem 5?



Postmarketos is an derivate of Alpine Linux and has nothing in common with debian. They also deliver (amongst others) an Phosh-DE. They provide also plasma mobile, sxmo etc.

The battery problem is really exact the same as with Byzantinum/Phosh :frowning: We talk not about half an hour more or not. In the car I have an USB-C loading cable and at home in office also dedicated for the L5. So I can use it as an daily driver

I do not know many about the modem access from the main OS. But if they have to look permanently for incoming calls from the CPU and have no event (interrupt etc.) driven low-profile this would explain the problem. Or the modem has no usable low-power routines and it is normal that the ear on longer phone calls is gettig hot. After a call You can on Byzantinum and PM-OS se a greatly reduced battery energy state

But I have found that PM-OS with phosh is a wonderful replacement of Byzantinum with lots of up-to-date apps… als long as You can dismiss the not working Cam


Hello. Ok. So how does package management work? Does Alpine maintain their own repositories? Or, more specifically, how exactly does package management work with PostMarket OS?

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Flatpak does also work and the Phosh software GUI is also there

Works absolutely fine and is worth a extended try


What are the ways that PMOS is better than Mobian? either bookwork or trixie?

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In Trixie I have had after 1-2 days 50% of calls I could not received. Modem crashes, phone does not ring

A restart does not help. I had to reflash the system to fix this

Maybe a problem of Debian Trixie ?

On PM-OS the phone component up to now works as good as in Pure-OS

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Wonder what’s missing for the camera? Maybe its not just the Librem 5?

The WIki page says camera support is “Partial”?

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Postmarket/Phosh came with my old school Pinephone, what? Three years ago? It was pretty performant on the wimpy PP, but Alpine did drive me nuts on the command line. All my other Linux devices run something based on Debian, so PM/P was just too much friction… I ended up using Mobian until the modem died. Mobian was performant, even on the uSD card, and… you know, Debian.

I want PureOS to work for me and it does well enough to not rush into another OS, but I will probably try out Mobian on a uSD sometime. It will have to be way better than PureOS to make me switch, though.


Yes, partial :wink: preview works and taking a picture does not work :wink:

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I am a user not a guru and so the commandline is not my daily meeting spot. There are only 2 commands to do there regularly:

  • sudo apk upgrade
  • sudo flatpak upgrade

and that’s it :slight_smile:


Since yesterday I have running Mobian stable on the L5. toooo short for an really good report.

But GPS, BT, Camera are working and calls can be received and made. All packages installed via apt-get and flatpak are working and have actual versions

  • Geary
  • Authenticator
  • Evolution
  • Telegram
  • Flare

work as expected and Calendar + Contacs get their data from in background running evolution from my Groupware server via Carddav/Caldav.

So far so good :wink:

More to come



How is Firefox working? I remember it working very well on my Pinephone a couple of years ago.


Up to now I can only report positive

All is running fast and proper.
Energy-consumption as shitty as in PureOS :frowning:

For me I have no miss for Crimson any more. If there were no further - undiscovered- bugs I will use Mobian-stable as my daily from now on

Firefox I use very rare. I do not like browsing on such a small display. Therefore I cannot state here something for Firefox


Thanks for Update.

But that proves more or less that your specific PureOS installation was broken in some way. A lot of things that work for you on Mobian are working for me on Byzantium since ever (which is around one year, I know times before were worse).
However, you’re happy now and that’s the important thing.

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Does that include hands free bluetooth?


I agree, but some small screen browsing is necessary… which is why I want a good Firefox experience on the L5. Right now, PureOS + @Emma gives me pretty damn good experience – maybe not better than Mobian on Pinephone, but very, very usable, remarkable!

If Mobian is as good on L5 now as it was on PP two years ago – including stable, “hands-free” phone calls with seamless audio switching from podcast to phone and back – then I’m there… until PureOS catches up. :wink:


You’re speaking about car usage? It’s not my use case, so I don’t know.

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