Explicit confirmation the modems are accepted on AT&T?

I know we have a carrier compatibility thread, but I haven’t seen any explicit confirmation that the available modems are accepted on AT&T’s network.

Now that people are receiving them, anybody in the US set one up on AT&T?

@BryanLunduke has ATT and he shared a photo of call in progress.
Though, he didn’t say if it was over LTE and the photo was not showing the corner with network status. So, we don’t know if ATT enables VoLTE for this phone.
We also don’t know about internet connectivity. If it’s using LTE from the get go or is forced down to 3g, like some uncertified phones were.

According to this AT&T has approved use of the Gemalto PLS8

I know that Gemalto was approved but that still doesn’t guarantee VoLTE and LTE enabled access for the device.
ATT & Verizon approved the same Qualcomm chips across the board in US , but not all phones with the same chip were able to use VoLTE just by inserting their SIMs inside. There is more to their requirements , than just baseband compatibly.
Also Gemalto lacks some of the LTE bands , both for ATT and Verizon

So would AT&T be able to answer your question? If not how would you find out and from whom?

@BryanLunduke said that he will do his best to figure that out and share it with us in his blog or videos. We can only wait for those who get this phone in the coming weeks to share their findings.
Calling ATT will get you no relevant info. Those ppl in CS and Tech Support can only read what’s in front of them and that’s usually bonkers. Usually I’m the one walking them through the process for activation of factory unlocked devices. Even those who are in the know at TS , won’t be able to tell you much for this phone, unless it’s on their super short list of certified devices. Which won’t happen, because Todd Weaver said that they have no plans to do so now or in the near future.
We just gotta wait and see how it plays out

Thanks. I’m very interested because AT&T is my current provider and I’d like to be able to keep them if I could.
You forum folks are a big part of my tech support as I know little about Linux and phones. I have Mint 19.2 on my desktop but I have a friend who guides me on that.

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I think TLG mentioned in the offtopical podcast that Todd is on AT&T and that he didn’t have reception when they met.
So at least it (usually) works well enough for Todd to use it.

Yeah, that’s right. Basically, the issue was poor coverage in Erick’s area. So, we know that Todd was able to make phone calls before that as well as Bryan did (shared a photo) on ATT. We just need them to give us more details about the connectivity.
Also, once they have (if not already) BroadMobi modems in hands , they should show us how well it works on all major carriers. This modem offers lot more for ATT & Verizon customers, then Gemalto.