Express VPN exec Ensnared in Criminal Surveillance Operation

Maybe old news for many here, but I just saw it, and so for those that missed the story…


On the one hand, Gericke’s actions have nothing to do with ExpressVPN, and they shouldn’t be held accountable for that. I think that’s fair.

But on the other… look at what their CIO is capable of…

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His only crime was to spy in ways the US government doesn’t approve of. There are large US companies that sell very sophisticated spying technology to oppressive countries like Iran. Then when someone in that country attends a protest and takes pictures of government oppression at the protest, the next day Iranian government officials haul them out of their home and their family never sees them again. All of this, so that an American company can make money selling equipment and software to hostile governments so they can use American technology to oppress their people…

I don’t think anybody other than the UAE would approve.

How did you get all that from that simulation?

For what it is worth, here is ExpressVPN’s response.

Read the 2nd one . I will post more things about it.

I didn’t get that from the simulation nor did I imply that I had.

Yeah man, they were in the same post.

Yes and no.

Unauthorised access is unauthorised access - and he conspired with others to carry that out. Put more simply: he committed a crime. Unauthorised access should be and is a crime. No one forced him to commit a crime, although I dare say he was rewarded financially for doing so.

It is true that if the unauthorised access had been done on behalf of the US government, doubtless he would not be prosecuted by the US government for it - even though it would be the exact same action on his part. That is neither here nor there really though as it is completely hypothetical.

I give him 50-50 to keep his job at ExpressVPN. That’s not a reflection of whether he should be sacked, just a reflection of the world as it is and whether he will be sacked.

If ExpressVPN starts to haemorrhage customers, well, money talks.

I just made it up! Lol

You may be correct, but I think that the recent purchase of ExpressVPN by Kape may cause more customers to leave, due to its better-known , spotty history as Crossrider. On the other hand, that purchase could also be a good excuse of them to part ways with Mr. Gericke. My experience and observations of company acquisitions is that people start leaving or get let go eventually.

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Right. It won’t be possible to isolate any developments that arise from their acquisition, as distinct from developments that arise from the CIO’s “conviction” relating to unauthorised access.