External Monitor + KB/Mouse "Clamshell" mode

Hello, I have been using a Macbook Pro 15 for years and am considering an upgrade to a Linux machine. I almost exclusively use my MBP in clamshell mode. I use an Ikea napkin holder behind my monitor to stand my MBP upright and connect a usb hub switch to it. With an external monitor connected and the usb kb/mouse switched to the mac I can wake the computer from sleep and start using it without having to open the laptop to wake it up.

I am wondering if this would be possible with a Librem 15? Has any here used it in “clamshell mode”? Would it wake from suspend with just a mouse or keyboard click?

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Is the laptop on mains power?

Yes. I have the power cable, thunderbolt->hdmi, usb, and an audio cable plugged in.

I am also very interested in this as I am looking at a Purism Librem 15 to replace my Macbook. At home I put my Macbook in a book arc closed and use a power supply, external monitors, Kinesis Keyboard and a Logitech USB mouse. Is the Librem 15 capable of functioning in a closed mode like that through it’s HDMI port and USB ports? Since I frequently take my laptop places I am usually switching between a dock type setup at home, then on the road at a coffee house with no peripherals, then dock at work and then back home. Can the laptop hardware and PureOS handle this scenario?

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So, I kind of got impatient waiting for someone to reply here and went ahead and directly contacted Purism. Here is their response:


Yes it is configurable in PureOS to run a Librem 15 in clamshell mode.


Whether that means it acts similarly to a MBP I don’t know. i.e. being able to suspend and be woken from suspend with a mouse click.

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