External monitor or not

I’m considering ordering a Librem 5 but before choosing my option, I’d like to know more about the use of an external monitor.

Will it turn the phone into a desktop computer, as was intended with the Ubuntu Edge (AFAIR), or will it only be en extension of the phone’s screen, perhaps with the ability to view different apps side-by-side, or what’s the idea?

How will the monitor be connected? (hdmi, displayport, usb, wireless, …) Could I use any other kind of external computer monitor as well? (so no need to ship to Europe) Conversely, could I use a bundled Librem 5 monitor with a laptop?

TIA, Klaus

It’s most probably gonna be something similar to what you can do right now with a Ubuntu Touch

I’m wondering if the 3GB RAM of the phone will allow for some decent flexibility (when in desktop mode), well we could add another 20GB of SWAP :smiley: but I have no idea if it will work.

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