External Monitor Support?

I was just looking at the Librem 5 in the store, there is a bundle including a 30" monitor. Why is this? Does the phone simply mirror what’s on it’s display in the same, tall narrow aspect ratio as an iPad or iPhone does with their respective adapters when connected? OR does it transform into a Linux / PureOS desktop environment with the same files / content as when being used as a phone?

Currently using an iPhone XR and iPad Air 3 as my only devices, tempted by Samsung DeX as ‘the one ultimate device’, but if the Librem 5 works like this then I think I’ve found a winner that I’d give up the luxuries of an app-store, ecosystem etc for.

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The phone will support multiple displays, like any Linux distro does. Same files, same running programs, same shell (the shell may adapt a little; any shell will work slightly differently when multiple displays are working together). So this i much closer to reality:


Are there any photos of this , or screenshots that I could see? If this is what I’m picturing, this is huge and I would be tempted to list my iStuff on eBay tonight… One ultimate device running Linux (or PureOS variant): wow.

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Linking for reference: What's the point of the monitor Librem 5 combo?

Rather, you’d switch to a different ecosystem and a different app store. It might contain less apps, but also less crap :wink:

Convergence has not been demonstrated yet. I assume the software is not quite ready.
However, apart from the apps that already have been or will be adapted to the phone form factor, desktop apps like LibreOffice can already be installed.


Yes, exactly! Well until it’s demo’d I’ll need to hold off, as that’d be my only real reason for buying it - hooking it up to my monitor and keyboard / mouse and working in the PureOS desktop environment. Would also need to know the limitations and such.

Convergeance and as I call it ‘the one ultimate device’ is calling, who knows who’ll get there first, but they’ve got my money when they do!

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Not really a demo, but atleast it shows basic tiling on a monitor.


Back in 2013, the Ubuntu Edge project had photos of their mobile phone connecting to a dock that turned it into a full desktop machine. I’m not sure where to find those images, but here are a couple of nostalgic links to the old project that didn’t achieve the funding goals:

Shuttleworth MC’ed a video showing a few eye-candy examples of it in operation:

Here’s another where a guy at Canonical demoed Convergence in action:


I’ve been enamored by the single computer device idea since then. I got pretty stoked when I saw the thing you saw about a Convergence station for the Librem 5. I had the wind taken out of my sails after trying to drum up some statistics about that item directly from Purism:

Spoiler alert, no, people didn’t think it was a wise idea, but all thumbs up on Convergence in the OS.

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