F-Droid suitability?

Pardon me if this is a basic question. I’m looking at the Librem 5 and would like to know if it will accept apps that are in F-Droid?

That would be like asking if apps for Mac OS are suitable for Windows 10.

F-droid apps are made for Android.

Applications that will work on the Librem 5 are GNU/Linux programs compiled for ARM.

This is good, because it means if it runs on desktop Linux, it could run on your mobile Librem 5.

That said anbox has already been demonstrated running on the L5, and this means Android apps should eventually be usable on the L5 should you so choose.


Ah, I see. Me new to this as you probably gather.

I don’t need much from a phone. But the following are essential
A decent podcast app
I have Librem chat so that is covered
Web browsing I’m sure is covered
Text SMS
And not much else.

I imagine that Purism have an app store? And that those will run on the L5?

As I said, I’m a newbie totally here. Thanks for the mac/windows analogy. I get it.

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anybody use that daily?

Possibly, but pretty unlikely. It was demo’d more as a proof of concept, and to demonstrate that it did run. It is probably a long ways off for it to be in a user friendly state.

Chat and SMS will be handled by Chatty.
Web browsing is done by GNOME Web (epiphany).
For email, Purism is developing a modified version of Geary.
For podcasts, you will probably have to install Gpodder or Rhythmbox, which are desktop applications, so they will be hard to use on a phone. However, I expect people in the community will scratch their itches and adapt one of those programs with libhandy, so it works on mobile devices.

I thought the team choose Lollypop as the music player?

you also have gnome podcasts that is already adaptive.

One of our developers managed to run NewPipe on his Librem 5 via Anbox, as a proof of concept.