Factory Settings

Think I messed up my laptop trying to restore to factory

i installed malware from here can you tell me how to fix https://nownodes.io/blog/how-to-run-monero-node/

i say this because im stuck at the “create a monerod.service systemd unit file” and i looked at another site to finish and its showing me something differnt can someone let me know if this is the correct way to download the blockchain . if it is the right way can someone help create a monerod.service systemd unit file as the steps show

Speaking of factory settings, the display comes from the factory set to 200%. So I set it to 100% as a means of accessing some buttons that get cut off of the screen when set to 200%. So far, so good. Until next time I reboot the phone. Then it reverts back to the factory setting of 200%. How do I change the display and have my choice of settings persist through reboots? Also, is it possible to have the screen auto-rotate when I turn the phone sideways, like is the default setting in Android?

Ensure you have at least one hardware kill switch inactive, then access Quick Settings by swiping down from the top of the device. Toggle the rotate button to “On” to enable auto-rotation.