Failed Default boot - Starting recovery shell

Just got my Librem 15 Pure OS today, I went to turn it on and I inserted the key, created a password and the computer restarted, Now its reading failed default boot. Starting Recovery shell. Not sure what I can do here.


Did you ultimately get resolution for this … same issue here.

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did you do exactly as the Pureboot documentation said?
If that’s the case you should be able to set a new default boot otherwise you should probably get into contact with the purism support

me too. did you get any resolution?
I’m trying to reset everything now.

You probably did not update checksums after system update, as described in our documentation:

You can see how does that process looks like:

What you need to do now:

  1. Restart (ctrl+alt+del)
  2. Wait for the system to ask you to insert your Librem Key, press ENTER (do not insert the Key yet)
  3. You will get into PureBoot menu, NOW insert BOTH your Librem Key and your Librem Vault (gold USB drive)
  4. Select Options → Update checksums and sign all files in /boot
  5. If the system asks you to “UNLOCK YOUR GPG CARD”, this means you need to type in your Librem Key USER PIN
  6. Default USER PIN is 123456 (if you haven’t changed it), type it in and press ENTER (there will be NO characters shown on the screen while typing your PIN, don’t let that confuse you)

hi I’ the same boat.
just got the laptop.
my battery went dead. and now it says
starting recovery shell
please help.
I tryed the above. I got stuck on 5 where is options

Hello, I am sorry for the delay in replying. Can you send me a picture of the error message?

I had a similar problem after the battery on my Librem 14 died. The failure made reference to a security setting from so many days in the future. My solution was to forceboot, login, and update the date/time within PureOS. Apparently, the system clock does not have it’s own battery.