Failed to connect to from time to time

I found that my browsers (Firefox, Gnome Web) will fail to connect to with the corrupted content error. And this only happens on the forum site (not on itself, not other discourse sites). Is the my problem of others have encountered the same issue.

Note: I’m using my university’s network and I’m an admin. If this is only happening to me, something fishy is going on.

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I’ve never had that error.

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Time will tell on that but I have read about 6 x as many posts as you and I have never seen that error.

First of all, I would try to work out what that error means and what component is producing it.

What is the client device? Do you experience it with a different client device on the same network connecting to the same forum?

Are you using a web proxy, transparent or non-transparent?

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No, I’m not using a proxy and this seems only happen to be in my university network. On multiple boxes, all running Gnome Web and Firefox. But I didn’t use the forum enough outside of the university to tell if it’s the problem of the network.

The thing is, I am the admin of the network I’m using (I am the ISP effectively). And I have set the network up to be as transparent as possible (and no proxy/transparent caches). So something must be wrong if only I’m having the problem. And from the responses, it looks like my problem?

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I see this error occasionally too. In PureBrowser and in Firefox

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Seems like it might just be a Firefox bug. However I couldn’t find any remotely coherent explanation of what the error really means. What Firefox version do you have?

At this page: the first response by cor-el suggests using some of the Firefox tools to look for useful messages.

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I get that as well, but only ever when restarting Firefox (ESR v52.9.0 - no, I’m not updating; while uMatrix can take the place of both NoScript and RequestPolicy, there’s no equivalent for Certificate Patrol) and restoring the old session. Reloading the page by selecting the address bar and pressing enter gets rid of the error, and it never happens again so long as Firefox is still loaded.


Try to reload it on web developer tool network tab (both chrome and ff have that) and see what are actual replies from the server/proxy/whatever. Eg whether it sends headers and then partial content, or you have pipelined proxy and some requests in the pipe time out, this kind of things,

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This happens every single time I load any forum page after restarting my browser on Waterfox mobile. I just press “Try Again” and it works fine.

I do not use PureOS and I do not have the problem. Whether you accept or reject the NULL hypothesis is your call but there’s my NULL data point. :slight_smile:

i get it when in private browsing mode and forget to allow the cookies

Because I take an interest in the topic of Firefox’s changing extensions APIs and lost functionality, I wanted to know what Certificate Patrol was. Allegedly, a new API was introduced in 2018 that makes similar add-ons possible again.

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This, I did not know. Thank you, it seems that there is now only very little (now just the horrible UI) in the way of me using later Firefox versions.