Failing to lock session when session is suspended

When I suspend my session now (Ubuntu 20.04) the lock screen is not activated.

I have checked all of the relevant settings and I can’t see a reason is not working.

Do any of know a log or tool I can use to figure this out?

Only one I can think of is the “lock on wake” setting, or the “lock screen when blanking” power setting. If those checks were among the ones you looked at, then I’m afaraid I’m wasting your time.

Thanks for the responsse. Yeah I checked all of the relevant settings. Everything is enabled. I’ve just started pushing super + L before closing the lid.

When the screen is not locked after wake, the screen shows with all workspaces squished together for a second or 2 before gnome refreshes and the workspaces are restored. To me it just seems like whatever process is responsible for locking on wake is failing.

I was hoping someone knew how to check the relevant logs and diagnose why what used to be working is now all of a sudden not working.