Fails to suspend unless disable services "iio-sensor-proxy" and "bluetooth"

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior.
Everytime my Librem 5 tried to sleep it seemed to wake back up. After a reboot it seemed to working fine for the first couple suspends but after that this loop seemed to happen.
I tailed dmesg (dmesg -w) and saw that “Freezing user space failed after 20.000 seconds (2 tasks refusing to freeze,…”
To identify the tasks I ran “ps ax” and looked for the processes with process state code “D” which identified iio-sensor-proxy and something related to bluetooth (sorry I wasn’t taking notes at the time)
I disabled both services, rebooted and now its very happy to stay in suspend and also seems to wake up way faster.

I dug around the forums but I couldn’t find any mention of this issue. Could it be hardware related/specific to my phone? or is this a kernel issue maybe?

It seems like only bluetooth and the light sensor are not working now.
I’m not currently using bluetooth for anything. I use a dongle for usb audio (Creative BT-W3) so no inconvenience there.
Screen rotation still works.
Proximity still works.

Edit: I ran systemctl status iio-sensor-proxy and its magically still running. (verified I disabled in .bash_history) so maybe iio-sensor-proxy is not the issue?

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I do not use suspend, since it is still experimental and a work-in-progress.