Failure to resume without crashing - Librem 5

I am having a lot of failures to resume from standby with the Librem 5. Combined with the amounts of times my cell connection fails it is really getting frustrating.

It seems like every 2-3 times I resume from standby my Librem 5 fails. What happens is it will ask for the pin, and then instead of unlocking, it will just show the lock screen again. Re-entering the pin will just loop back to the lock screen.

Anyone else? Any solutions?

You could check what journalctl says for the times when that happened, probably there is some error message there that could give clues.

Things are kind of cascading but now cell is not working at all, it is almost like the provider is rejecting it. Also the status bar is not working a lot. I can’t drag down and see quick settings.

journalctl is full but I’ll need a few hours to read all of it.

I restarted the L5 several times with no improvement, finally just let is sleep. When I came back cell was back and fully working. I think the thing that changed was that I enabled wifi again via the kill switch. Interesting.

But yeah stuff seems to be working again. Still going to try to go through journalctl to see if I can find anything of interest or worth reporting.

You shouldn’t need to read all of it, just the times when it wouldn’t unlock, at least as a starting point.


Note that each line in the journalctl log starts with a timestamp, so if you just write down the time when a problem occurred, you can then look at the log around that specific time.

You can ask for a certain timespan by doing things like this:

sudo journalctl --since "2022-09-28 09:05:07" --until "2022-09-28 09:07:33"