Family pack account questions

Am considering getting setup with the family pack, but I have a few questions, mostly regarding the sub-accounts…

  1. Do all 5 accounts have to be setup, upfront, or can some be setup later?
  2. Once setup, can a sub-account be deleted and another created?
  3. Can a sub-account “graduate” to a separate full account? (i.e. Junior grows up and can pay for his own account now. I don’t imagine this is available now, but something for Purism to consider.)
  4. On the main page, the individual (full?) account has a statement underneath it that all future LibremOne services will be included at no additional charge. Does that apply to the family pack as well? (It does say 5 complete bundles… so maybe)

I know # 3 is similar to another question, but I wanted to clarify it (it’s not removing the account, but moving it to a separate full or family account).

Hopefully someone with a family pack (or someone at Purism) can answer these.


For #1, I only set up 3 so I’m sure you can set up the other accounts later on.

  1. Later is fine
  2. Yes just send an e-mail to support.
  3. Same as above
  4. Yes