Far enough along for a physical shot

So I just pre-ordered yesterday, and right now I’m doing all I can to learn as much about the progress of development and where we currently are.

What I’m really interesting in knowing, is if there are any actual shots of physical mockups, or prototypes of the librem 5 around.

No worries either way. I just figured that someone here would be able to talk about it, if such a photo does exit.

Thanks to Purism for their efforts!



They are still deciding on things as they advance with the development. In any case, this is the mockup used in their latest blog post

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At the moment there are no physical phones yet. Just the renderings. @anon10067017 has posted the latest images.

I’ve seen the renderings. Ok so there are no physical mockups just yet. No worries. I know it takes a lot before you actually commit to any kind of physical prototyping (although 3d printing has made this slightly easier).

If the phone sticks to the current renders, it’s going to be great.

I know there has been many discussions on the dimensions of the phone, and I personally am glad to see they aren’t trying to make a super thin phone. It is a trend of the current phones that I can’t stand. Give me a bigger battery, or more internals. I don’t want a wafer thin phone that bends in my pocket.

Super excited to see continued progress!!


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