Faraday Pouches

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to share a little something with you all. I bought my L5 and also ordered a SLNT phone pouch to go with it. Its not my first time using such a pouch as i have one for a long time to keep a paranoid android silent. I bought the SLNT version in case(no pun) the L5 would not fit in my old one. So now i can say that the Librem5 will fit in a Defender phone pouch easily and there is no comparison in the prices being charged. See a price for 2pouches! in the link below. Easy on the wallet an they do what it says on the tin.

Just being fair.



Now I always thought it funny to have one for an L5, but when I bought one, I ended up getting a two-fer.

So one thing to look out for when pulling it out of the pouch, it is accidentally turning it on because the power button is sooooo sensitive to the slightest bit of pressure.

Of course if you are pulling it out, your intent is to probably turn it on anyway. So it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I must have intrigued and not informed, but i can see how Dick Tracy and the blue balloon were more clever than the Pouch. They got away and all had a happy McGuffin meal and the world was saved. Until the next catastrophy. Stay tuned, same bat time same bat channel. Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman! ROFL Dude, love U!.

Missed a dinner!

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