Feature idea from noncustomer

Power swap! The ability to transfer battery power wirelessly between two phones.

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it called replaceable Battery. You can write your friends/foes/followers a Message over WLAN, meet them and just exchange the replaceable Batteries.

And charging cordless is extremely inefficient… it just meet its best praxis if you have a nuclear powered Star like the Sun, in a safe distance (before a red giant) to just exchange Energy by daylight.

By the Way, i prefer wool Socks to save Energy.

Have enough power to recharge your Needs!



Yes yes i know all these things. It’s probably a terrible idea but imagine you’re in the store or out in general. Your phone is at 1% and you need to call the wife or husband to about which tampon or hemorrhoid cream they wanted. You dont have a power bank with you because who wants all the extra weight. So you ask a fellow shopper for a power bump. Not much, maybe a 5% power pass. And you bring home the right cream! Day saved by Power Swap!

Swapping the battery does not involve any wires! “Hey, could you let me use your battery for a minute?”. Power swap!

Both phones would need to have the necessary hardware anyway (removable battery).

If only there was a standard battery size. Or several sizes. I’d call them L, LL, LLL… Or maybe 65×18 for the package size. Then you could even swap with your camera or buy a single-use one at the store!

(Jokes aside, I’m disappointed that I can’t buy a new camera without downgrading from AA to a proprietary, expensive battery format.)

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Coming home with the right creams sounds really satisfying. :slight_smile:

I just want to point out that, in a time where people more and more separate their lives, powersharing could be a nice social experience. :slight_smile:

Or … more likely actually to work … could you let me use your power bank for a minute?

That is, someone else has probably carried along a power bank even if the OP hasn’t.

When I was on holidays and my camera batteries died (and I forgot the spares) I just went to the supermarket and bought another 4-pack. Out of all advantages I think this one is the most straightforward one.

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: )
I like your point. And yes its terrible. However i would have used a power-bank, charge it in the car or at work, or have a second old Android Phone as backup (without SIM-Card), but at some time (8 am, 1 pm and 5 pm, 20 pm) connected to the internet over librem5 (WLAN/Mobile Data sharing) for updates, news and emails.

In the long run i’ll use my eink Pocetbook to sync with the Librem5 to display important Data without screen usage, which my Librem5 got form my Server. However. Fast Information’s i ll got by Mobile and all other my rss, News reader and XMPP-Bots will aggregate important stuff at the suggested time stages.

I know most folks will use a Smartphone as a real time device with 24/7 Internet connection. I’ll not. Yes its important do archive that goal. Which will be later archived with an optimized Linux Kernel and suspend modes. In the while we have to charge… and use power banks and try to avoid energy hungry apps and habits.

To clarify my comment … I was only talking about phones, where you will face two obstacles:

  1. Most phones don’t even have removable batteries.
  2. If two phones do have removable batteries, they might be incompatible.

On the other hand, a decent powerbank offers both a USB-A port and a USB-C port, and the usual charging protocols, and should be adequate to charge just about any phone. (The advantage of standards!) So you should be able to borrow one.

The situation with a camera can still inform the debate. Yes, my digital camera likewise has a proprietary, expensive, hard-to-source battery and if the same happened to me, I would have no realistic expectation that I could borrow someone’s battery (nor can the camera be operated from an external power source, although a good hardware hacker could probably work around that :wink:). My digital camera is a bit old and apparently no one buys digital cameras any more except at the high end (and the high end is not me).

Hypothetically, what happens if you connect the USB-C ports of two Librem 5 phones? Will one phone charge the other? Neither phone charge the other? Can you control it in software so that the more depleted one gets charged? (Yeah that’s not wirelessly. So sue me. :wink:)

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One will change the other. It’s technically possible to control which one, but not exactly straightforward. I don’t recommend doing so though, it will put quite a bit of load on the battery :stuck_out_tongue:


Convergent landline! :rofl:


I kinda meant the utilization of wireless charge hardware installed directly into the phone {not just the receiver but a transmitter also) so it alone can be a powerbank negating the need to carry one. Of course this would also make batteries larger and phones heavier.
Probably not the greatest idea but it sure would have come in handy at the time i thought it.

If you have to install extra hardware into the phone, changing designs and making it bigger, then I’d say do it properly and free the battery.

Fair point. I do miss that ability and wonder why they’ve decided to wrap a device prone to cracking from falls completely in glass. That and rounding the darn edges and making it impossible to do anything because the phone still wants to use the edge as if it were flat. Oh and removing a physical “Home” button replacing with a virtual one and absolutely ruining playing “Spaceflight Simulator”. Grrerr i just want to scream! Yes im sure there is a way around it but why should i have to search for it?

Sorry i lost the point of this thread. You may delete. Thank you for my rant