Feature request: Autocrypt/GPG compatible e-mail client

Hello everybody.
I’d like to make some feature requests (I believe it’s the right place to do it, ain’t it?) regarding to the future e-mail client used with librem5:
a) compatible with GPG: I know it most likely will be custom;
b) compatible with Autocrypt: since most of my contacts need a less techie way to encrypt their conversations; and
c) if possible, similar to https://delta.chat android app :slight_smile:
What do you think? Doable?

Does PureOS really bring its own e-mail client?
Linux already offers a wide variety of e-mail clients. There should be one that handles a 5 inch mobile display with a little bit of work.

Is AutoCrypt used by mail clients out there?

Hi Ilo. I’ve seen in K-9 mail and enigmail foruns that they are working with autocrypt. K9 already has a testing release with autocrypt (but I didn’t test it). The only one mail client which is currently using autocrypt is Delta Chat - in my opinion, the best way to send e-mail in a phone display, since it autofills the subject field, encrypts automatically (without asking password) and also allows voice messages.

Mailpile plan to implement AutoCrypt (see https://github.com/mailpile/Mailpile/issues/1869) although I’m not sure it’s suitable for or developed with mobile use in mind.

It would be great to see a GNOME/KDE implementation of Delta Chat :slight_smile:

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I’d like to have the MUA ‘mutt’ (www.mutt.org) running on the phone in its terminal-app. mutt supports GnuPG and with this even OpenPGP crypto cards connected to the device, details see here about the latter:



What is the latest note on the E-mail app being used? Was there a choice made yet?

Yes. Geary was the chosen one: https://developer.puri.sm/Design/Apps_overview.html?highlight=geary