Feature request: Can we have a 'disable geotagging/EXIF data' setting for the camera?

I would really like the ability to have a camera preference setting that would enable me to take pictures without them being geotagged or having EXIF data in them.
I know this can be removed afterwards, but it would be nice not having to bother.


I would be surprised if the first revision would even have the option of geotagged photosā€¦ let alone that being the default :slight_smile:
For other EXIF data, there could be a privacy mode in the camera app, but I probably wouldnā€™t ever use it :wink:

I would like some exif data to be there, like camera settings, color balance - things that help to post-process graphic.

Definitely having them on or off by default should be configurable by the user.


Most definitely EXIF data is helpfulā€¦ Even for shutter speed, whether flash fired, etc. Doesnā€™t even ever need to say ā€˜Libremā€™ as the source as far as I am concerned. And no need for serial number of phone/cameraā€¦ Icky territoryā€¦ Ideally could be turned off completelyā€¦ Even more ideally, EXIF info to be included could be tailored/customized by fieldā€¦ We are smart enough to deal with a complex user interface.

As for GPS location coordinates : this should be a definite opt in (off by default) featureā€¦ If it is available at all for 1st generation phone.

In my opinion.

As an example of recent backwards progress in Androidā€¦ After recent updates to my phone, when I share a VCF file the Marshmallow OS doesnā€™t even let me pick and choose which parts of the contactā€™s info are included. Is ridiculousā€¦ As if the convenience of one click to share is preferable to my being able to say ā€˜include name, phone, email, but exclude private notesā€™.
Itā€™s the little things that Android does (removing functionality) that help make me so thirsty for a real phoneā€¦ And I hope we get GUI with as much customisiability AKA empowerment as possible.