Feature request for Librem Chat

  1. As of now, the Librem One Chat has 10mb file limit and 1gb (2gb for paying customers) total storage limit.
    10mb is ridiculous limit in late 2020. Please remove this limit completely, because it doesn’t make sense because the total storage limit applies anyways. And please increase total storage limit too. Even 2gb (as a paying customer) is too little. Give at least 5gb pls. And when you run out of space, allow to download old posts before they are deleted.

  2. Please add a option to re-encode videos (just like you can do already with images) when sending via Librem Chat to significantly reduce file size (like in Whatsapp). Preferably using hardware encoders and not software ones. And please allow to use new-ish h.265 and/or VP9 because they are much more efficient. Please also allow 60fps, because 30fps and 24fps are old, laggy and sucks ass.

  3. Please add built-in option to pay in crypto-currencies (like when friend requests money and you can send him within the app very easily). Considering that Purism already accepts crypto-currencies in it’s shop, it should be a reasonable request.

I wanted to add few more things.
If you combine 1. and 2. issues you get a major, very serious usability problem. Practically you are unable to send videos, because video are too large, if you don’t re-encode (which you can’t do within the Android app). Workaround is using one of the ad-filled trash apps from Play store, but it isn’t ideal or easy or fast. And who the hell wants to use a messaging app, which cannot send videos easily?

Purism on it’s librem.one website makes it very clear, that they want people to stop using bad apps, but Purism needs to understand, that normies don’t care about bad apps as long as they work and ads are not too annoying. If Purism wants Chat to succeed, they must implement expected features, which are in other apps.

And also add option to draw on image within the app (like in Whatsapp and Telegram). Like when you select the image and then you can draw on it, put stickers etc.

I hope, that Purism will use my high profit margin $8 subscription (Librem one service subscription), which I pay each month to improve it’s apps for everyone.



Yes, that too. I am fully aware of AV1 and it’s crazy high efficiency, but I am also aware of painfully long encode times (I have tested AV1 myself too), when using software encoder. If I am not mistaken, only one (as of now) Android SoC supports AV1 hardware encoding (from MediaTek).

hardware decoding is used for playback/interaction for MOST users so that should take precedence lest they feel that the user-experience is lacking and lose interest …