Feature request: hardware switch for system power

Feature request: hardware switch for system power. (From battery to power supply/motherboard etc.)

Currently the Librems have hardware switches for power to the wireless and to the camera/mic, but not for system power. (System power is just handled by the usual corner keyboard key.) This would be especially useful considering that Purism laptop batteries are not easily removable.

Came across this in the Qubes mailing list. Note sure why it it hasn’t already been higher profile, as it does seem pretty obvious.

And if anything should have a hardwired on/off switch, I
think it should be system power; The issue I’m thinking of here is the
recent prevalence of integrated batteries for laptops and handhelds
(they creep me out because they cannot be decisively turned off).



this seems like an overlooked suggestion. Up.

Agree, this is a great idea.

Definitely support this idea.

@sptankard good intervention. agreed.

better just have a design that allows for removing the battery pack directly from the outside of the laptop chasis and offer double battery packs for traveling individuals.

blackberry had the right idea with their battery charger bundles for mobile q10. while one gets used the other gets charged. you never need to run out of juice or fiddle inside the chasis.