Feature request: lock lag

Doesn’t it happen to you at least a zillion times a day?

You accidentally graze the power button, the screen goes black, and you need your passcode to get things going again.
This gets annoying very quickly.

So, I was thinking, it would be nice to have a bit of a (customizable) lag in this locking procedure. So you can instantly reactivate the phone by pressing the power button again, without a need for a code.

Is this do-able?

I’ll just leave this here https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/phosh/-/issues/714


@wimdows see https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/phosh/-/merge_requests/1012 - it’s targeted for the next phosh release (but it 's not merged yet so it might slip)

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Ah! Great!
Next time I consider a request, I will check the gitlab first.