Feature request: Making CalDAV and CardDAV work


is it possible to make CalDAV and CardDav work?

When I want to add a CalDav calendar with SSL, the calendar shuts down. When copy and paste the address, adding a calendar works, but it shows no event from server.

And it would be great, if CardDav would work too.


I am using the Nextcloud integration with Nextcloud on my home server. I am able to see my contacts and calendar events in their respective apps.
I assumed this was using CalDAV/CardDAV internally.
It is over HTTPS.


Both CalDav and CardDav work for me (connecting to a self-hosted Davical instance). I used Evolution to set them up, with an,external screen to see what I’m doing (turns out Gnome Calendar and Contacts use the same system-wide configuration, I only used Evolution for one-time setting up).
Maybe try that, it might work better for you…

I also installed Evolution for the sole purpose of setting up connections to my Radicale-based calendar and contacts, which I now access with the Gnome Calendar and Contacts apps. I managed to complete the setup without an external screen, but I’m glad it only had to be done once. I wasn’t thrilled with having to install a package I otherwise have no use for on the L5 (even though I use it on my laptop), but I found no better solution for configuring CalDav and CardDav, and using Evolution turned out not to be too painful.


You can uninstall it after the configuration is done.


When I want to add a CalDav calendar with my calendar app, then I have the problem, that it is added, but no events are shown.

What am I doing wrong?

I have not the opportunity to connect the phone to a monitor and to install evolution.

You can’t add a CalDAV calendar in the Calendar app. To quote a post in this thread:

these “Accounts” are handled in GNOME Online Accounts (GOA), a user facing interface to add and remove these accounts, which is an upstream project developed by the GNOME project, and GOA does not yet added support for CalDAV and CardDAV.

That thread also includes a link to the open Gnome issue.

However, if you manually install Evolution, you can use the Evolution UI to add the account, after which the Calendar app will be able to use it. Evolution doesn’t work well on a small screen, but I was able to add accounts without an external monitor (cancel out of initial setup; go to File/Accounts, then add account). You can install Evolution manually from the command line in the Terminal app.

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I don’t have a monitor. Is it possible to do it from command line?

I don’t have a monitor either. I installed Evolution from the command line (sudo apt install evolution) and then configured my contacts and calendar in the Evolution UI on the phone. I don’t know if it’s possible to somehow do the configuration from the command line.